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Project Description


Collaboration piece of performance with AGF( )
45 Minutes
Korzo Theatre,
rewire festival, The Hague, Netherlands
Color Photos by xx
Black & white Pgotos by Stéphane Harnoux

AGF and Kubra Khademi link up to present the world premiere of a new collaborative performance.

Performing as AGF, German poet, vocalist and new media artist Antye Greie explores speech and spoken word within the depths of electronic music. At Rewire 2017, she’s joined by Kubra Khademi, an Afghan performance artist who examines her life as a refugee and woman by creating public performances that respond to male-dominated societies and extreme patriarchal politics. Together they present the world premiere of their new project, a truly subconscious work that fuses Khademi’s politically-charged performances with AGF’s distinctive sound art to address womenhood, white supremacy and intersectional feminism.