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Project Description

The Basket of Green Generosity

Live performance
Duration: 3 hours
Lahore, Pakistan

This is Kubra’s real suitcase, which she left her mother’s home with, in order to pursue her higher education. The unique experience of traveling alone made a deep relation between the artist and the suitcase. Since the artist herself was born a refugee, and her identity was defined with the reality of an unstable life, she found the suitcase as a provoking object. She represents her refugee life with the suitcase.

In The Basket of Green Generosity, the artist stands at the corner of the gallery. When the audience arrive, she moves toward the suitcase, sits in it, bends herself into it, and closes the suitcase from inside. In the outside, the audience wait for a long time to see what happens. Some leave the gallery after they get bored or tired, some stay until the time of the exhibition is finished. At the end everyone leaves the gallery except one woman. She dares to step toward the suitcase and unzips it. She gazes inside the suitcase for a while, and then walks away. When the artist comes out of the suitcase, the woman comes back. “Why do you this to yourself?” she asks. But before the artist’s reply, the woman answers to her own question with “Ah, i heard that you are from Afghanistan.”