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Project Description


Life Performance
Duration: 11 minutes
Lille, France

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Harmony, a performance by Kubra Khademi within the “Latitudes contemporaines” festival in Lille (France), June 2016.

How much do weight, on the shoulders of the world, 10 000 years of patriarchy, of male domination and of women’s subjection?

How much the shoulders of a woman, on which rely so many missions, so many injunctions and multiple prohibitions, can they bear the weight of a dominating minority which relies on her.

As the god Atlas, sentenced to carry the world on his back, the afghan performance artist Kubra Khademi has been trying to bear the symbolic weight of a naked man, his flesh relying on her back, within the Latitudes Contemporaines festival in Lille (France) in June 2016.

An artistic lighting, outside and quirky, within a rich debate about “culture and laicism“

Motionless and upright standing, underneath the true nudity of another gender, hereby curled up on her spinal column, Kubra has been carrying the world, and the god-man who dominates it, in a strange harmony until a smooth fall in which the bodies were confused.

Report by Louis Bastin